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Steve Patterson

Steve Patterson joined Noodle after 14 year career in higher education as a professor of philosophy. He received his Ph.D. from Wayne State University in Detroit in 2003 and has taught courses in critical thinking, ethics, argumentation, social and political philosophy, and East Asian philosophy. During his time at Marygrove College he won the President’s Award for Excellence in Research and conducted multiple workshops on critical thinking pedagogy and assessment. In his career as a researcher, he has traveled the world giving talks on ethics, argumentation, interpersonal reasoning, and disagreement. He was thrice awarded Visiting Research Fellowships with the Centre for Research in Reasoning, Argumentation and Rhetoric (CRRAR) at the University of Windsor in Canada and frequently served as a review editor for many journals and conferences, including Informal Logic, Cogency, Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric, the European Conference on Argumentation, and the Windsor Studies in Argumentation monograph series. His CV contains over a dozen peer reviewed publications and book chapters.

During his time in higher education Steve also discovered his passion for curriculum and program development as a leader, first of his program, then of his Department and Division. His experience in this area includes the comprehensive review, assessment and development of both undergraduate and graduate courses and degrees in both the traditional and hybrid/online spaces. He also brings student affairs experience from his time as NAIA Faculty Athletic Representative for Marygrove College, accreditation experience as a team leader for the HLC Pathways process, and enrollment and retention experience from his years on the same institution’s top-level enrollment committee.