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Online Excellence Drives The Agile Campus.

Building great online programs is the beginning, not the end, of the digital journey. An institution can significantly increase enrollment against the same physical space by leveraging an excellent tech stack and a sophisticated support infrastructure. But why continue to run duplicate efforts for on-campus administration?

The new generation of successful universities is agile enough to support students in whatever modality they choose, utilizing the same central stack of systems.

In God We Trust;
All Others Must Bring Data.

Data is critically important and tragically underutilized in online program management. Our answer is NoodleCore, a custom-built, yet strikingly simple management portal that aggregates and provisions data from multiple systems.

Since no university or program exists in a vacuum, we also share anonymized benchmark data from our surrounding network.  Noodle Partners provides institutions both the data to make better decisions and the tools to implement them.

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Marketing & Recruitment

Online higher education marketing is an extremely competitive space; colleges and universities need a data-backed digital marketing strategy to prevent student-acquisition costs from skyrocketing.

Noodle Partners combines a heavily quantitative approach with creative branding, SEO, and alternative media to control M&R costs. Our relationship with gives us access to millions of prospective students a year at a dramatically lower cost.

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Instructional Design &
Faculty Support

Noodle Partners helps faculty bring their courses and programs to life in the virtual world. Our learning team helps faculty marry content with digital strategies that connect students to knowledge and skills in engaging and ground-breaking ways.

Faculty are the content experts, and always will be. We’re the partner who ensures your online courses exceed faculty and student expectations.

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Student Experience

Great online programs create a vibrant community where students and faculty engage, discuss, and share ideas — the equivalent of meeting in the quad. Noodle Partners builds and curates innovative digital tools to encourage these interactions. And our student support systems aren’t just reactive, but proactive, demonstrating to students that your institution cares about their progress.

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Make It Fly

Noodle Partners leverages a combination of in-house and outside providers to power our online programs. The result, the Noodle Stack, is the most effective possible blend configured to each partner’s unique strengths and needs. The right strategy will depend on many factors; Noodle Partners brings the evidence and operational agility.

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Net Tuition Matters

It’s simple: decrease costs and strategically grow enrollment to lower net tuition.

Noodle Partners will save you $15,000 to $30,000 per student while creating and managing programs on par with those offered by the best conventional OPMs. We help lower operational and administrative costs and from there, facilitate lower tuition.

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