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Better Higher Ed. Online.

Building great online programs is just the beginning. Universities need to master administering online education and continue to transform classroom learning—all while lowering costs.

Noodle Partners will help your school build world-class online and hybrid programs that save you tens of thousands of dollars per student.

In God We Trust;
All Others Must Bring Data

Data is quite possibly the single most important resource a university can leverage to better its programming. Using our proprietary NoodleBus, we integrate multiple technologies and assemble marketing, recruiting and academic data into actionable analytic reports. This is collaboration and transparency; providing you with far more–and far more useful–information than any traditional OPM would share. Deming would be proud.

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Marketing & Recruitment

The advent of online education has shifted competition from a mostly local scale to a massive global one. Noodle Partners’ team of brand and digital marketers will help you distinguish yourself in a crowded marketplace.

At the same time, we recognize that many universities have sophisticated marketing and recruitment operations. Our goal is to supplement, not supplant, your internal capabilities.

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Instructional Design &
Faculty Support

Noodle Partners is committed to launching online programs and courses as excellent as your school’s best on-campus offerings. To do so requires great professors that are motivated to teach online.

Our team of learning specialists will help your faculty turn digital tools into opportunities for connecting with students in new and exciting ways. You’re the content experts, and always will be, but we can optimize content delivery institution-wide.

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Student Experience

A great online program creates a vibrant community where students and faculty engage, discuss, and share ideas — the equivalent of meeting in the quad on a college campus. Noodle Partners uses innovative digital tools to encourage these interactions. And our student support systems aren’t just reactive, but proactive, demonstrating to students that your institution cares about their progress.

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Make It Fly

In 2008, when John Katzman started 2U, the technology needed to power online higher ed was primitive, so he built the necessary systems. Since then, investors have poured more than $20 billion into ed tech firms. Today, there’s no reason to build systems from scratch (much less expect clients to pay for them). Instead, Noodle Partners identifies the best tech and service providers and harnesses their capabilities on your behalf. This allows us to be more flexible, more responsive and less expensive than traditional OPMs.

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Net Tuition Matters

It’s simple: decrease costs and raise enrollment to lower net tuition.

Noodle Partners will save you $15,000 to $30,000 per student while creating and managing programs on par with those offered by the best traditional OPMs. With our optional Convertible Revenue Share (CRS) program, we can help you launch programs without risk or millions of dollars.

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