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A Flexible
Economic Model

Fee-Based Model

Noodle Partners Fees

  • We charge $22,000 per month to manage the first program we build together.
  • We charge $8,000 per month for all additional programs thereafter.
  • We charge a $78 credit-hour fee, which scales down as enrollment grows.

Our Providers’ Fees

We have negotiated most-favored-nation pricing with our service providers and will pass along their fees without markup.


Designed to Lower Costs


Noodle Partners’ financial model is efficient, helping partner universities save over $15,000 per-student in comparison to OPM-managed programs of similar quality. For a single 45-credit program ramping up to 300 student starts per year, we will save you and your students nearly $20 million over eight years.


This is a new model of online higher ed. It invests our expertise and our upfront capital to help you create excellent online and hybrid programs with a 20-30% cost advantage over traditional OPMs. It’s simple: decrease costs and raise enrollment to lower net tuition.