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Academic Lead (Remote)

About Noodle Partners

Ten years ago, the Noodle Partners’ team helped invent online education. Ten years is an eternity in a tech-driven field, so now we’re re-reinventing how higher ed happens online. Measured against traditional Online Program Managers (OPMs), Noodle Partners brings programs online less expensively, with greater agility and in better alignment with universities’ goals.

Online education is no longer a novel or niche idea. It is the fastest growing segment in higher education, accounting for 20% of all enrollees and 30% of graduate-level certificates and degrees. It’s also getting increasingly competitive, as more and better programs are launched every semester. Universities need to go online quickly, economically and elegantly, creating programs that students can’t wait to tell their friends about and that their professors want to teach. Noodle Partners helps them reimagine what online learning can be.

Job Summary

The role of the Academic Lead is to establish and nurture a collaborative, supportive relationship with faculty that helps build confidence and competence in the online teaching environment. The Academic Lead provides targeted, individualized support for partner institution faculty as they develop courses and prepare to teach online. The Academic Lead provides faculty with the knowledge, skills, and evidence-based strategies to prepare them for success in the online environment, and offers continued support throughout their first term of teaching. This is a remote position, meaning the Academic Lead can work virtually from a home office, with occasional travel required.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Academic Lead reports to the Director, Faculty Support Services, and works closely with the respective Design Project Manager of a given program.The Academic Lead is responsible for:

  • Outreach to faculty and program leadership
  • Providing group and individual coaching
  • Coordinating faculty coaching support
  • Supporting faculty who are designing courses
  • Working collaboratively with the program director on all things related to curriculum and faculty support
  • Leading completion of the program build worksheet with the program director
  • Onboarding faculty subject matter experts (SMEs), and working to get syllabi (purpose, topics, key assessments, course learning objectives) completed prior to introducing the instructional design firm
  • Leading all training for faculty, for those both building and teaching online courses
  • Assisting as a thought partner with other faculty-related issues, such as staffing models/ideas
  • Guiding program development throughout the build process
  • Participating in the program kickoff with the Design Project Managers and attending the first 1-1 meetings at kickoff between faculty SMEs and instructional designers

Qualifications and Skills

  • Master’s degree; preferably a doctoral degree
  • Experience creating curricula for a blended (synchronous and asynchronous content), virtual environment
  • Experience teaching online courses, specifically in virtual settings that use synchronous classes
  • Experience leading teams to creatively problem-solve to achieve desired outcomes
  • Knowledge of adult learning theory and principles of effective online pedagogy
  • Knowledge of a variety of evidence-based instructional strategies that promote student engagement and learning
  • Please apply if you believe you meet all or most of these qualifications!