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Resources for Engaging and Supporting Students Online

Welcome to our Noodle Partners library for resources around supporting and engaging online students, where you can find a variety of information, strategies, and downloadable materials to support creating an ecosystem that is inclusive of online learners

If there are resources you would like to see available on our site, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to submit your suggestion.


Webinars & Presentations

Campus Events

Care Packages/Drop Shipping

Career Development Services


  • (free) (live chat)
  • Olark ($180/1 office) (live chat)
  • Gecko Engage (free during COVID19) (AI driven and live chat)

Commencement/Award Ceremonies

Completion of online forms

Counseling & Mental Health Support Services

Disability Support Services

Health Service Providers (Telehealth)

Library Services


Phone Appointments

Scheduling tools

Social Engagement Platform/Virtual Student Union (VSU)

Student Organizations & Student Government

Technology Support Provider

Involvement Fairs & Welcome Week

Working from Home/Managing Remote Workers

Writing Support/Tutoring Providers

Online Student Support Pages  

(examples from COVID-19 Closures)

Online Event/Programming Pages

(examples from COVID-19 Closures)


Connect with Others


Please note: companies or products noted in this document are provided as an example only.

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